"Padre Pablo's Pizza" Art Print

One day a hungry pizza eater happened upon Padre Pablo's Pizza, owned by the innovative pizza artist Pablo Picasso. The would be customer asked for a slice, a request which the inventor of the cube-cut was happy to oblige.

"That will be $500," said Picasso.

The customer was shocked. "How can you ask for so much? It likely only took you 20 minutes to make and bake this pizza!"

"No," replied Picasso, "it took me 40 years."


This art print is printed on glossy heavy paper, making it perfect for framing and hanging on your wall. Hang it in your home, restaurant, or office.

    Art by Lee Bretschneider

    This listing is for an unframed art print. Frame in photo is for display purposes and is not included.

    $10.00 USD

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