"Manet vs. Monet" Men's T-Shirt

It's the Showdown of a Couple of Centuries Ago: Manet vs. Monet! Come watch these masters of the visible brush stroke pound each other into linseed oil! It is certain to leave an impression on you...

When one begins their education on Impressionism it can be quite easy to confuse Manet and Monet as only a single vowel differentiates their surnames. Some junior art historians would hope a competition would spring forth between the painters; one where the two impressionists would put down their brushes and wield only their gloved fists! Then the victor could be more easily decided!

  • Antique-style Manet vs. Monet boxing poster screenprint
  • Basic Fit
  • 90/10 cotton/poly blend
  • soft, lightweight and comfortable
Art & design by Lee Bretschneider

$25.00 USD

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