Introducing the Westworld Theory Bot! November 29 2016

The Man in Black, Westworld art by Lee Bretschneider

Recently I got bored coming up with my own theories for Westworld, so I asked myself “What Would Ford Do?”

Well, he would probably do some truly despicable shit in the name of the greater good. So that’s what I did!

Westworld Theory Bot is a twitterbot that generates and tweets it’s own theories about the HBO show Westworld. Every few hours, I say* “bring yourself back online” and suddenly we’re off into the unclaimed territories where ANYTHING goes. If /r/westworld is Mesa Gold, my @westworldbot is certainly Pariah.

Ever wonder what’s kicking around inside the head of that bird that Lutz smuggled into the lab and ultimately became Maeve’s new BFF? @westworldbot thinks it knows.

Some are a little more straightforward…

And some are even right on the mark!

The bot leaves no stone unturned.

It can even be quite optimistic at times… I love when it goes totally off the rails though. This is one theory that every Westworld fan should be able to get behind:

As of now, there are ~350 theories that have been posted, which is (quite frankly) far  too less than the world needs.

Imagine: a future where we fans embrace thousands, perhaps millions of distinct theories. Those moist robots over at /r/westworld are pretty much circulating the same seven theories over and over again. Trapped in their own loop, it seems.

I pledge to you that I will update @westworldbot with regularity whenever the show is airing so the bot continually generates fresh Westworld theories. And I won't make the same mistakes Arnold made.

* @westworldbot was built using Tracery by Kate Compton and is delivered via Cheap Bots Done Quick by George Buckenham.

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