Dirty Hands (produced by Ryanlayzer) July 17 2017

Hung out with Ryanlayzer last weekend and we made this song together. Dude is a true visionary. Check it out below. We'll probably do another one soon.

I wrote the lyrics to Dirty Hands earlier this year to communicate feelings of frustration and isolation caused by rising tensions among acolytes of America's left and right parties. When I arrived at the studio, Ryanlayzer played me a few ideas, but when I heard the main guitar riff I knew I had some lyric ideas that would compliment it. I cleaned up my flow a bit and rewrote a line, but mainly it's the original lyrics I had written before. When it came time to add a hook, I really didn't want to. I loved the riser Ryanlayzer built with the guitar, it's really compliments musically what I wanted to achieve with the lyrics. I didn't want to do anything on top. I just like the idea of the listener sitting in that moment.

Here's a little behind the scenes video from the studio.

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