"d20 Astronaut" Men's Allover Print T-Shirt

As you open the hatch to the other ship, you find yourself facing down a rapacious neogi. You reach for your d20 and roll a lucky natural 20, scoring a critical hit.

Take yourself back to your gaming days with this d20 Astronaut Basic Fit Tee featuring artwork by Lee Bretschneider. Each glance at this thought-provoking piece will remind you of your cosmic travels on the Spelljammer where you were the captain because you were the best dice roller in space... er, in your tabletop roll-playing group.

This tee features the critical d20 dice as the head of an astronaut in space, which is fitting since every Dungeons and Dragons player knows that knowledge, experience, and strategy can be reduced to nothing with a simple roll of the dice.

This upper body equippable item (t-shirt) features a portrait of a cosmic d20 gaming die on the entire front side of a shirt, with a space background print extending on the back for a true allover print.

  • image on front/white on back
  • designed with the look and feel of cotton
  • soft, lightweight and comfortable

$25.00 USD

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